Summer sewing: Long Beach Board Shorts

I’ve been a bit slow to get going with the ‘pocket of pins’ part of this blog so far, though that’s not for lack of new projects! I can’t kid myself that summer sewing is on anyone’s horizon in the northern hemisphere any more – though maybe someone further south can benefit from this top tip for a pattern. It’s Terra’s Treasures Long Beach Board Shorts and I think I made it six times over this summer – three times for Munchkin, and three times for various of his cousins. The ones pictured here are the cousins’ ones. All used a cotton with a bit of stretch in it for the main part, and printed cottons for the contrast (Monsters University, superhero words, and monkeys, if you can’t see them). I like the superhero words so much that I made Munchkin an identical pair. Another of his pairs used quilting cottons for both parts, so the stretch isn’t essential.

P1010525This is just a fabulous pattern. It’s not as hard as it looks (it’s just a bit of piping but it adds a really great finish), it doesn’t take long, and the opportunities for using small bits of novelty fabric are sky high. They’re elasticated at the back which got the thumbs up from the tall, slim cousin who got the top pair, and even accommodate a cloth nappy, which got the thumbs up from Munchkin (actually he couldn’t care less, but it got the thumbs up from me). It comes in sizes 6m to 12 years and is a unisex deisgn. The boys’ version are longer, but I made most of my pairs midway between the boy and girl length. I will be making these for as long as Munchkin will wear things made by mum!


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