Betty Crocker’s peanut butter brownies

I mentioned last time that I had brownies on the brain as one of The Scientist’s friends had requested some for their next geeky get-together. The trouble was that he had requested peanut butter brownies, and peanut butter is about the only ingredient I loathe baking with. It’s the smell; it just makes me feel nauseous. And nauseated. I really hate peanut butter. He offered to change his mind; but it was his birthday, I’d offered him first pick, and I didn’t want to let him down. What did I do, readers? I held my nose and made peanut butter brownies.

2015-03-13 14.15.16I’ve been thinking and reading a lot lately about ‘domestic goddesses’, so it seemed appropriate to turn to one of the more iconic of them for my recipe. Peanut butter brownies seem to be a peculiarly American phenomenon, so I went for a Betty Crocker recipe (more on Mrs Crocker herself to follow in another post). The recipe (I nearly wrote ‘she’ but as you probably know, Betty Crocker is not, and never has been, a real living person, much as the marketing people have tried to convince bakers otherwise over the years) calls for peanut chips. They’re not too easy to come by in the UK and since cutting up nuts is another thing I hate, I just used crunchy peanut butter. Apparently that was quite an acceptable substitute, so my tasters told me. The recipe was nice and easy – one mix, divided into two, one of which becomes chocolate and the other peanutty. Place blobs of each in the tin in turn, and swirl together. It looked pretty (please forgive the foggy pictures; I have now de-fogged my ipad camera lens!); smelt disgusting, but that’s just me. The geeks were happy, and that’s what counts 🙂


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