Pilsbury’s Orange Kiss Me Cake

So, which Pilsbury Bake Off winner did I choose to make?

2015-04-09 20.17.20The wonderfully-named Orange Kiss Me Cake which was the winner for Lily Wuebel of Redwood City, California, in 1950 (the second year of the contest). The website doesn’t record how it got its name but I can only conclude that it was so luscious that all who tasted it wanted to kiss the baker 🙂

It was an easy bake but an intriguing one as it has you juice an orange and then throw the pith and rind into the mixer. I’d read about recipes that do this before (I think that both Claudia Roden and Nigella Lawson have orangey cakes which call for this) but I’d never tried it. The pith lends some bitterness, but this is balanced out by the juice, and in this case, a sugary streusel topping. The cake also contains walnuts and raisins, and could be made dairy free by using alternative milks and spreads (it does contain eggs). It all went swimmingly until I cam back downstairs and noticed the small pot of carefully extracted orange juice still sitting on the counter! Fortunately the cake is also doused in orange juice after baking and it certainly tasted of it, so no harm done. It was moist and zingy, and very popular with the friends who came round that night (and The Scientist too, when he got a slice the next day).

So, a winner for Ms Wuebel in 1950, and still a winner today 🙂


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