Ruby Tandoh’s Cocoa Chocolate Cake

My little brother just turned 21 and Munchkin was very keen to make him a cake. His favourite is chocolate and since I had just seen an article by Great British Bake-Off runner-up Ruby Tandoh in the previous week’s Guardian I thought I’d give it a try. Actually there was a lot more dithering than that, but The Scientist expressed a strong preference for a cocoa-y cake (though this may have been a tactic to make me stop talking about cakes and go and bake one…;) )

imageMunchkin and I made it together one Friday afternoon and I iced it the next day. I have inexplicably lost my pair of sandwich tins so we just used one deep one with no filling layer of buttercream. The cake has coffee in it but the taste wasn’t too noticeable (this is good as far as I’m concerned; I don’t like coffee) and I did leave it out of the icing in favour of milk, just to keep the taste a bit more child-friendly.

imageThe cake was really good – moist and chocolatey – and with a bit of an improvised candle situation, made a perfect 21st birthday cake. Munchkin was so excited to give it to his uncle that my brother had to sample it as soon as he got through the door. I think he even still had his coat on.

The original article and recipe are here, and Ruby has some interesting things to say in it about why she thinks cocoa is better than chocolate in baking.


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