Cocoa and Treacle Brownies – Ruby Tandoh does it again!


Cocoa and Treacle Brownie, very precisely sliced by The Scientist ready for transportation.

I have a long-standing love of the word treacle. The description ‘the richest and most chocolatey I’ve ever had’ won The Scientist over. There was thus little debate over what I was going to make for his latest gaming trip: Ruby Tandoh’s Black Treacle Chocolate Brownies. These were from the same Guardian column that the Cocoa Cake was from and they similarly did not disappoint. Munchkin, who was helping me bake, declared the melting mixture to be ‘disgusting’ but I think he was just trying out a new word as he looked pretty happy as he said it, and was only too delighted to try the mixture from the spoon (once the mixture had cooled down, I hasten to add). They were an easy bake – melt the butter and treacle, add the eggs, stir into the dry ingredients. I have to admit that I often stir the wet into the dry rather than the other way round, depending on the size of the bowls and pans I’m using. I’m sure there must be some reason that recipes specify the other way round but it doesn’t seem to have any ill effects. Certainly not on these brownies, which were, in one of Munchkin’s other favourite words, ‘lovely’ 🙂

The recipe can be found here


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