Introducing a Short and Surprising history!

I’ve been disgracefully silent on here, I know, but I can now reveal why. The last few months turned into a total whirlwind, not only of the regular challenges of semester-time teaching, but also because I was finishing up this little beauty:


It’s being published by Headline and is due out at the end of February in the UK and shortly afterwards in the States, where it’s being published by Pegasus Books! I’m so pleased with the job the publishers have done, both on the layout and the content. You’ll find lots of the themes I’ve talked about on here expanded in a lot more detail, and also a crowd of other topics I hope will keep you stocked for dinner party chats and facebook updates for years to come 🙂 There are cakes aplenty, of course,  but also lots about how baking relates to femininity and feminism, migration and community-building, celebration and childhood, economic expansion and technology.

It’s available for pre-order on, and could make a lovely present for Mother’s Day 😉


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