What sort of baker are you?

Not all bakers are created the same. Some like to impress, others to bake a figurative hug into a homely-looking cake. So, what sort of baker are you?

The Tried and Tested Baker

You like safety in baking and have a small number of beloved and reliable favourites that you turn to time and time again. You probably have a Domestic Goddess idol with whom you are on first-name terms (at least in your own kitchen), quite possibly backed up with a dog-eared notebook of recipes you copied out from your mother’s cookbooks when you left home. Your top five bakes almost certainly include a Victoria sandwich, a lemon drizzle, some scones and a trusty flapjack.

Your go-to cookbook? A tome by Good Housekeeping, the Women’s Institute – or your old Home Economics notebook

The Experimentalist

You regard recipes simply as a rough starting point and love to throw in a twist of your own with each of your bakes. You’re a lover of the portmanteau bake: brownie-meets-pie-meets-cupcake. You’re an avid watcher of TV baking shows for inspiration and will fearlessly throw beetroot, za’atar or goji berries into whatever batter is before you. The results are either sublime….or ridiculous.

Your go-to cookbook? The latest book by a noted pastry chef – but you’ll use it strictly for inspiration only

The Slapdash Baker

You would like to regard recipes as a blueprint but the fact is that the ingredient list rarely turns out to match the contents or quantities in your cupboard. And even if you do have everything you need you’ll invariably have forgotten to turn the oven on, left out a vital ingredient (if you’re lucky you’ll realise before it goes into the oven), or remember half way through that you started off with the intention of making a half batch.

Your go-to cookbook? Delia or Nigella – not that it helps you much

The Perfectionist Baker

Appearances are everything for this baker. You’re not afraid to try the most complex or beautiful creation, especially if the decoration if part of its raison d’etre. Fondant fancies, Prinsesstarta, Opera Cake: nothing is too challenging. You probably set yourself a challenge to make every technical bake from The Great British Bake-Off, and you are in hot demand when birthday parties come round.

Your go-to cookbook? Pinterest – you like to keep up to date with the latest in gravity-defying cakes and frosting colour schemes

The Food Blogger Baker

Everything that comes out of your kitchen tells a story: it’s a recreation of something you tasted at a foodie fair; a recipe from your grandmother’s handwritten baking journal; or a delicacy you tasted while on holiday. You own every baking gadget under the sun and your partner gave you a KitchenAid for your birthday. You own an impressive collection of single plates, antique knives and cake stands to show off your bakes, and everything must be photographed from six angles in close up before it passes anyone’s lips. Your friends and family rarely get served the same bake twice, but your baking days are an occasion for celebration.

Your go-to cookbook? It’s impossible to pick just one from your groaning bookshelves – and there are another six next to your bed.


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